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Business Applications for the Cloud
RESTful Web API applications

AppliGate - RESTful Web API development such as our Event Scheduler

AppliGate has invested in the knowledge and skills to build RESTful Web Service applications for the cloud in the highly-scalable environment of Google App Engine.

RESTful Web Services, also called RESTful Web API, are web services implemented using HTTP and the principles of REST.

The applications we develop run as Google App Engine Java application, however they can be modified to run on any JEE application server.

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This Web Site is based on REST principles

This web site is based on a RESTful Web API. This gives AppliGate the possibility to quickly adapt to different circumstances e.g. new HTTP clients, while the hart of the system stays the same.

We also make use of our Event Scheduler Web Service either server side as can be seen on the Courses page or client side embedded in iframe-tags on the Courselet page.

See an example on the Courselet page

The Event Scheduler

The Event Scheduler is an example of a JSON/HTML RESTful Web Service application we are currently developing. We use the web service already in this web site on the Home, Courses and Courselet page.

On the Home page the services is processed server side. On Courselet page we call the service client side using an iframe tag.

More information about the Event Scheduler

Hello Reader

Why is AppliGate building web services? There are already many people who are building very nice web applications. So we decided to specialize on something different. We have chosen for the 'model' part of MVC, RESTful web service in particularly. And it is going well. For example this web site is based on it. Makes it easy for us to adapt to new web clients. So far we can judge looks this site also nice on an iPhone.

Greetings AppliGate

Slideshare presentation
RESTful Web API Applications. Click on the image to go to the presentation.


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