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Additional course material

XPages technology is evolving very quickly. That's why we have decided to publish new subjects as courselet in addition to our XPages course. A courselet is a mini course completed with an assignment. At the moment there are three courselets. We will develop more courselets when students ask for it.

AppliGate's XPages Wiki

Another way we support our students is the XPages wiki of Appligate. Most subjects in the XPages wiki are the result of questions of our students.

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LinkedIn-groep AppliGate

We have also a LinkedIn group AppliGate. At this place members can post information about Domino posible be of interest to others. It is a private group.

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Dear reader,

XPages technology is hot in the Netherlands. Until recently there was no XPages community. This has been changed now by the advent of the XPages & Beer meetings. They are scheduled on a regular base. See the home page for new dates.


Most recent Courselet Video

XPC001 - How to programmatically manage the titleBarTabs object of the Application Layout Control


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