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IBM XPages Application Development Training
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XPages Application Development Training

AppliGate delivers instructor-led XPages courses since 2009 either as public or as private training. Public courses are organized at the meetingspace of Seats2Meet in Maarssen, the Netherlands. Private training can be organized worldwide at the customers place. XPage courses are scheduled on a regular base.

For more information about Seats2Meet, please click on the link below.

Seat2Meet Maarssen, Netherlands

Why attend this course?

This course is basically designed for the experienced Domino developer. XPages is built on top of JavaServer Faces, and works differently than one is used to. Although simple at the first sight, developers are often faced with a lack of understanding of the underlying mechanism. In this course we give a lot of attention to it, to create a base for building solid XPages applications.

XPages community

Follow the XPages Community on Google+. Lot of learning material.

Presentation AppliGate at Social Business Convention 2012. Click on the image to go to the presentation.


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