Rob Bontekoe

Rob Bontekoe Rob founded AppliGate in 1985. He is currently a software developer and working on the 'Elderly Monitoring System' plan. An overview of his achievements and projects.


  • Reactive Architecture, Lightbend – certified, December 28th, 2018.
  • Bachelor Electronics Engineering, HTS-E Rens & Rens – November 26th, 1965.


Java Developer | Rienks Arbodienst – Dec 2013 - Nov 2017

  • He migrated the data from the Lotus Notes Absence Registration & Tracking System for an online system.
  • Designed and developed the 'Invoicing Manager' application, which reduced the invoicing process from 14 days to 2 days per month, as well as the 'Management Information' system for real-time insight into the performance of the company doctors and consultants.

Java and IBM Lotus Domino Developer & Instructor | AppliGate – Jul 1994 - Nov 2014

  • He made AppliGate the first Lotus Authorized Education Center (LAEC) in the Netherlands in 1994; LAEC of the year in the Netherlands in 2000.
  • In 1996 the AppliGate website was developed to enable HR managers and students to register online for a course.
  • He obtained the contract to deliver a customized 'IBM WebSphere Portal' course for a large ICT company.
  • IBM Champion 2011/2012 for 'Lotus and IBM Collaboration Solutions.'


Website AppliGate

  • He built the AppliGate website using IBM Lotus Domino and Javascript,
  • made in line with this all internal business applications needed to function as a Lotus Authorized Education Centre in the Netherlands. He used IBM Lotus Notes & Domino and LotusScript to accomplish it,
  • redesigned the AppliGate website in 2013 using the Restlet framework, Java, GAE, and Bigtable (JDO), and
  • developed the Event Scheduler for scheduling training courses, using the Restlet framework, Java, and Bigtable

Backend Android Medical Record App

  • He developed the backend for the Android app using the Restlet framework, Java, Lotus Domino.

Billing Manager

  • He automated the billing process as a replacement for a Microsoft Excel-based application using UML, IBM XPages (JSF), and Java. Created a YouTube instruction video using Camtasia,
  • built a SOAP interface for communication with the online financial administration using Java,
  • modernized the declaration system using LotusScript and Java, and
  • added a Management Information System, for an overview of the declarations per month by an employee, department, or customer using IBM XPages (JSF) and Java.

Online Absence Registration Portal

  • He added 2-factor authentication to the online access of the Absence Registration system using the Restlet framework, Java, and JQuery, and
  • maintained the online Absence registration system using Spring and Java.

Internal Absence Registration and Monitoring System

  • He maintained the communication with external systems using LotusScript, XML, and XSLT, and
  • developed a connection with AFAS Profit systems using the Restlet framework, Java, and SOAP.
  • AngularJs project - 2013: Multiple Choice - Java, GAE, Restlet, Firebase, AngularJS.
  • The course How to use Managed Beans in XPages, part 1, and part 2.


  • Outstanding: Julia.
  • Well known: Kubernetes (microk8s), Docker, ArgoCD, Linux, Git, JavaScript, HTML/CSS.