Building applications with Julia

Building applications with Julia



I switched to Julia because it is easy to use, and an active community supports it. Also, I like how easy you can create documentation and help with Julia, as well as testing your application. It changed my mind when I discovered that in your documentation code fragments can automatically be tested during the creation of the document. Creating this tutorial is to check whether I can explain what I have learned from this project.

Tutorial Description

Target audience

The target audience for the tutorial Building applications with Julia is application developers who want to use Julia in a structured way.

Summary description

Students will learn the technique to create a module that can to be used in container-based applications. The tutorial starts creating the domain layer. Besides the domain objects, we defined functions for the API layer and the Infrastructure layer. Students learn to create documentation for the application that also tests the code examples.

Tutorial format and duration


Tutorial goals

By the end of the tutorial, you should be able to: